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About the Designer



Our womenswear collection 101 karn goode 

consists of utility pieces that make up the perfect

wardrobe now and for many seasons to come. Using

valuable content and a mind for designing with a purpose, we have left no stone unturned.

The line simutaneously evokes images of femininity and masculinity. Cozy

comfort and nature, juxtaposed with heavy-weight anf feather-light structure perfected to form a

cohesive line containing what we call our


FIT - must be luxuriously comfortable

FUNCTION - must have the ability to wear the same garment in many ways - home life, work,  social and travel

FIBRE - must be valuable with recycling abilities many times over

FEEL - must feel fabulous so our clients have confidence in wearing our items


We added mohair and wool elastic details

to casual sweat-style honeycomb knits that take you from the comfort of hanging out at home to going out. Continuing our curvy stylelines nestling the body into softness

and kindness. Our fabrics are special and can be felt as soon as you try it on. They caress the body with warmth in a gentle way.

This season we used virgin wool fleece, silk, modal, cotton, viscose and mohair that are

blended together in intriguing ways for spirit and spunk. Natural colours such

as charcoal, black, and sand formed this season's collection of 101 basics.

Each season we will add what we feel is important in building great style,

functionality and feel-good confidence all-in-one. Even down to the findings

which include delicate metal snap closures, and

exsquisite wool elastic for decorative trim. Special details are apparent in each

piece so that our products sell through and keep clients coming back for more.

If you are or want to become ambitious, well-travelled, obtain gusto for work

and leisure, well-rounded, style-clever, sporty, proactive, tech-friendly, aware

of sustainablity, a nature lover as well as a city slicker

who loves modern utility, then you will love........ 


To our clients, our investors and the people that work along beside me, your dedication is unbelievable, THANK YOU! from the bottom of my heart, you are greatly appreciated!

Karn Goode

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